Natural hair

“My natural hair is beautiful. My natural hair is mine.

I never needed you to tell me this. I’ve known it all the time.

My natural hair is glamourous. My natural hair can do all this.

Who can tell me it matters how I wear it? But I’ve known this all the time.

O me? O my.

My natural hair is out. My natural hair is free.

It matters much now – how I wear it.

O happy me! O my!”

(‘Hair’ – LLAL 21.06.12)


2 thoughts on “Hair

    • Thank you Vanessa. It means the world to me for the poem to have been understood for its intention and purpose. To be reblogged on ‘A Book of Healing: Practicing a Psychotherapy of Liberation..” is simply fantastic. I truly believe practicing a psychotherapy for liberation, confidence, self-expression, self-love & pride etc is the source to truly repair the damage inflicted to the psyche, across the diaspora. The psyche must be addressed and included alongside all the other work we in the African heritage family need to do in 21st Century and beyond. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me.

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