‘Lady Oracle Loves’ is Lola Laseinde’s Blog to write, to discuss current affairs, to share ideas and to learn from the oracle lenses of Books, Music, Plays, Poetry, Nutrition, History, Africa (Continent & Diaspora), Women & Men. You.

About me?

I write. I am a Practicing Ayurvedic Yogi (a deliberate oxymoron as Yoga is not often understood as an integral part of Ayurveda). I am a Historian by discipline. I am a City & Guild Diploma holding Sound Engineer for the love of Music. I am a Hybrid Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager by trade of some left-brain flexing, a passion for change management, puzzle solving and building things. I am learning to make conscious and courageous Life choices by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I am standing up, out loud, with my Sisters in the struggle for Gender Equality, Racial harmony, liberating minds……..I am an African by way of Ibadan, Ilorin, Lagos, Abeokuta, London, Paris, Bali, Varkala, NY, LA, Bocas Del Toro, Ife. I be Lady O.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy the posts. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.




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  1. Great meeting you at the V&A for the Afropolitant event, it was great chatting and finding out about what you do. i enjoy your thoughts and they are well noted

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    African Screens is an online film publication aimed at everyone with a keen interest in African cinema and the wider industry. We fill a gap in the market for a rich discourse that brings together a plurality of views, contextualising African cinema in a robust debate.

    I hope you find what we do to be of interest at http://www.africanscreens.com http://www.donomope.com

    • Great meeting you also. Thank you for connecting, it is great to hear from you.

      Thank you for comments re: LadyOracleLoves. I have been working on my short stories so blogging has taken a back seat till August.
      However, I will be posting the stories soon so look forward to your thoughts.

      I will check out the website. I look forward to joining the discourse and learning more about African cinema.

  2. You be Lady O!! Yes, indeed you are the renaissance lady. I have much respect for the catalogue you are compiling on this blog as it has very defined roots and expresses the divinity of diversity through the eye of the curator.

    With regards to your Musings (I refer to any written narrative such as poetry, ode, ramblings e.t.c as Musings) Do you recite?

    I adore what I have interacted with so far, which has lead me to a very simple question (I hope)
    What books have inspired you to change the dynamic of your life?

    Thanks for taking the time to post as a fellow blogger I know it can be quite trying at times

    • Thanks Cerebral Causality :o) appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

      With regard to recitals, no I have not done any.

      Wow, that is a big question! Not too sure how to answer that as I think one’s life dynamic changes everyday and subjective to so many things. I read wide and voraciously and I will be posting on Books (at some point).
      For now, my current reading is this (I tend to have multiple books on the go these days!):
      – Yoruba Religious Concepts – various authors on Ifa tradition
      – ‘Tropical Fish – Tales from Entebbe’ by Doreen Baingana to relax
      And, perhaps for that change in dynamic/perspective/clarity, I am referencing a book I read 18yrs ago now (gosh!) which is and remains a bible and handbook for all women (and one to give all our daughters) wanting to live a deeper spiritual and creatively rich life – ‘Women who run with the wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

      Thanks again for the encouragement and taking time to leave comments. It means a lot to me.

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