Olympic History

Olympic History: Fists of Freedom; a history not taught in Schools

The Olympics 2012 London Opening Ceremony has divided some, inspired others and confounded many. What has been most resonant is the rise of right-wing attitudes around what should be a celebration of our Human Family coming together to compete; as equals, in a sporting event they have all dedicated time to, sacrificed much for and whilst bringing joy and birthing a new generation of Sport enthusiasts.

For me, it was an awesome display of British tongue-in-cheek humour; an imaginative blurring of reality and fantasy; and a very sporting Queen. In all, it was british irreverence  at its best. Apt salutes to Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the punk attitude that pervades the rich music, culture, film, dance, and arts experience to be had in London. But, sadly some serious off-key attitudes persists.

Reflecting on all this and what seems to be a groundhog way of thinking – blinkered and closed, it reminds us that ignorance and closed mindedness is very much alive and thriving. And no matter how much we try to forget for a split second what is at stake and why, I share this apt article I stumbled upon whilst foraging in the world wide web of information with you all, least we forget for second and just be lost in ecstasy of competitiveness and feats of physical brilliance.


Curating new writing: Uganda Calling

I am clearly being pulled to Ugandan literature of late as I grudgingly come to the end of the wonderful “Tropical Fish – Tales from Entebbe’ by Doreen Baingana. I will move on to ‘Waiting’ by Goretti Kyomuhendo next. I digress, as I stumble on this collection of short stories curated under the umbrella ‘Uganda Modern Literary Digest’.

I love the stories I have read on this site so far and discovering new authors (Mildred Ayenpo et al) in ‘some very fine writing from Uganda’ is not an overstatement on their part….check it out! Enjoy……….Curating new writing: Uganda Calling